The Hairdresser’s Guide to a Salon Blow Dry

Mastering the perfect salon blow-dry takes practice, so it may get frustrating at first but with patience and enthusiasm, you will get there. You are welcome to use any blow drying cream of your choice, but we will be showing you how to achieve a great blow dry with our 72 Hair Blow Dry Cream for the purpose of this blog post. You can still apply the actual blow drying technique to any product you choose to use.

Before we get started, make sure you have these tools handy:

  • A blow dryer with a narrow nozzle
  • Blow drying cream
  • A round brush
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Hair clips (butterfly clips are ideal)
  • Hair oil (optional)
  1. Starting off with damp hair, take some blow dry cream (enough to cover your hair) and then start to evenly distribute the product through your hair working it through the mid-shaft of your hair down to the ends of your hair. Any leftover product you can use through the rest of your hair avoiding the scalp. You can add some hair oil to the ends of your hair to give them some extra love.
  2. Next, get your wide tooth comb and gently comb through your hair to really make sure that the product has been distributed evenly.comb through conditioner
  3. Using your blow dryer (with a nozzle attached) on the highest heat and wind setting, tip your head upside down and start rough drying your hair to gain that nice root lift. If you have curly hair, only remove a little bit of moisture. If you evaporate too much, you’ll be dealing with pesky frizz! If you have wavy hair, try to get your hair 60% dry and if you have straight hair aim for about 80% dry. Note: Be careful not to use too much blow dry cream or else it will weigh your hair down.tip hair upsidedown
  4. Grabbing your wide tooth comb again, start sectioning your hair off by twisting each section into a mini bun securing it with a clip. Your first section will compose of your hair at the very front of your head up to the crown. The next two sections will start just behind your left ear and then your right ear. Once those two sections have been twisted into mini buns and secured, take the remaining hair at the back of the head and divide them into a further four sections pinning up only the top two sections whilst leaving the bottom two sections down.
  5. Now here is the important part, make sure you’re listening! Each section you blow dry with your brush should be the size of the actual brush (minus the handle). Taking your hair dryer, make sure the nozzle is turned horizontal. Then with your round brush take one of the 2 sections that have been left un-bunned, then using the brush take the hair near the roots and really work (pull) at the roots as you blow dry upwards and outwards to gain maximum root lift and volume! Keep the brush and hair dryer moving, this is what creates a smooth result, and always dry the ends of your hair on the last round because they dry quicker and doing this will prevent them from overdrying. Finish off the section with a blast of cool air to set. Note: Always make sure you have good tension as you are blow drying as this is key to a beautiful blow dry, and always blow dry down the hair shaft to close the cuticles and prevent frizz and flyaways.shiny hair
  6. If you feel confident enough to introduce some waves, you can do this by simply following step 5 but with a few adjustments. In the last round of running your hair through with your round brush and the hair dryer, when you get near the ends of the hair, start to roll your brush towards your roots so that it wraps itself in your hair, let it cool for a few seconds, then lift your hair covered brush upwards and then twist twice (or however many times you need) to unravel it away from the face – it’s all in the wrist movement! You should be left with gorgeous waves. Don’t touch them once you’ve unravelled them, let them cool naturally. If you hate waiting, you can leave the brush where it is encased in your hair, grab another round brush and start doing the other side. Note: Before unravelling your hair from the brush, it is important that you let it stand to cool.
  7. Well done! You have finished blow drying your first section. You can now move onto blow drying the opposite section and then work your way up to the other 2 back sections and then the side sections. Once you get to the top section, divide it in half horizontally and then work on the crown section first (at the back). Once that section is done, half the front section again and blow dry each section one by one. If you went the wavy route in step 6, once you have finished blow drying all the section, blast your hair with cool hair downwards to seal the cuticles.

Voila. You should have a gorgeous blow dry with volume and body. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look right at first, practice makes perfect! You can finish off by adding a little bit of hair oil to add shine to your hair.

We asked hairdresser Matt Green what his biggest blow dry pet peeves were and he said:

We hate when the ends haven’t been smoothed out properly and they become fly away! it’s a real bug bare. We also don’t like it when you see a blow dry with no tension and the hair becomes frizzy and has no difference!

Why not try out our smoothing treatment at one of our salons? The results don’t lie! 

before and aftter 72 hair smoothing treatment

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