4 Hairdresser Tricks That Will Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Our thin haired clients often come to us looking for the best ways to volumize their thin hair. They often struggle with the flatness and long for ever-lasting volume, but we can’t help what hair type grows on our heads so we need to make the most of what we have! We have put together a shortlist of thin hair solutions you can try out to give the illusion of thicker hair.


You have probably heard of highlights, but what about lowlights? this hair dye technique works by adding the much-needed depth to make your thin hair look thicker. This technique involves selectively dying a few strands of hair from the lower layers, two or more shades darker than your base colour. Your hairdresser should be able to determine this by examining your hair colour and choosing the shades that would look best.

Just like highlights, you can choose to go as dramatic or as subtle as you want, whether it is how dark you want the strands to be or how thick you want the dyed strands to be. Thinner lowlights that are two shades darker will give you a subtle result.

Blunt cuts

This simple haircut is a one length wonder if you want to make your hair look fuller. What makes a haircut a blunt cut is the clean, straight edge by cutting straight across the hair. This makes the bottom of the hair look denser, whereas very textured layers can enhance frizz and look thin at the bottom. Blunt cuts also tend to make the hair look healthier as too many layers can actually speed up the rate at which the hair breaks.


If a neat one-length cut is not your thing, you can still create the illusion of thicker hair and body by adding hidden layers. ‘Hidden’ or ‘invisible’ layers are very subtle layers. We recommend that you only add these layers to the front sections of your hair, it’ll also frame your face nicely. Adding too much texture and layers to thin hair can make it look even thinner, and we want the complete opposite!

Shorter hair

Bob or lobs (long bobs) are super flattering for people with thin hair, especially if you get a blunt cut. Shorter haircuts have been the number one solution for people with thin hair because they are so good at making thin hair appear thicker. The longer the hair, the thinner it looks especially once it starts growing past chest length. However, if you love long hair and can’t face letting go of the princess rapunzel dream, remember: blunt cuts are your best friend.

Lauren Hutton


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