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Note: All of the below text has been translated to English but was originally written in German by QVC Germany.

Easy styling for dry & damaged hair? 72 HAIR, hair care set of shampoo, conditioner & intense replenishing mask make it possible

Who knows the problem with dry, protruding hair and frizz especially now in winter? Unfortunately dyeing, styling and blow-drying dry the hair in addition, gloss and moisture are lost. Especially with a certain hair length, especially the tips act quickly dry, which just does not look healthy. Even the hair styling does not work properly. Especially if you want to wear smooth hairstyles and even use a flat iron, well-groomed hair is extremely important!

72 HAIR products are great for dry, damaged and damaged hair types. They provide a lot of moisture without weighing down. The perfect preparation for the subsequent hair styling, because even after blow-drying, the hair retains its moisture and does not look dry. Flying and sticking hair is also often a problem. The good care effect of the intensive nourishing products also prevents this unsightly effect.

The set to buy three matched hair care products from 72 HAIR : shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. Damaged hair is built up with this trio and looks much smoother.

Thorough cleaning & non-weighing care

The Intense Moisture Shampoo is free of sulfates and parabens, which is why it is particularly gentle. It is therefore also suitable for daily use or can be used according to personal needs. At first I used too much of it because I did not know how the product behaves in the hair. But since the shampoo foams so great, is really a very small amount of it. It is very productive! After application my hair is stronger, gets more shine and the moisturizing effect prevents frizz and static-charged hair.

Cleansing & moisturizing in one: 72 HAIR Intense Moisture Shampoo

For long hair, I would definitely recommend after washing the right Hydrating Conditioner to use. It is a light, non-weighting care that moisturizes and provides better combing. The conditioner has been formulated to protect it from environmental influences such as daylight. Already with the incorporation of the conditioner one notices immediately, how silky and smooth the hair feels. It is enough to let the product take effect for a short moment. Thus, it is ideal for quick use in the shower.

Fast care application without weighing down : 72 HAIR Hydrating Conditioner

The intensive cure for in between

Every one to two weeks, the intensive nourishing Intense Replenishing Mask should be used to treat hair. This hair mask contains avocado oil and provides a luxurious, nourishing care for especially dry hair. The consistency is really great! It reminds me of a mousse texture or whipped cream cake. It spreads really good in the hair and does not drip. For this nourishing mask you should allow a little more time and leave it for at least 10-15 minutes. I really liked the care that it does not grease. The hairstyle falls naturally, without being burdened. In addition, there is really an immediate effect after the first application. Dry hair is a thing of the past!

My conclusion

The complete hair care range of 72 HAIR has an invigorating scent, which provides a freshness feeling after the application and smells great after freshly washed hair. I would recommend this set especially for dry, frizzy and strained hair. Anyone who likes to wear smooth hairstyles, where protruding hair and frizz are very annoying, will find a great helper in the daily care and styling routine. Last but not least, the set certainly appeals to those who prefer a co-ordinated hair care system and not only want to test tens of individual products of the various shampoo, conditioner and treatment categories before they have finally found the right products that really harmonize with each other. 72 HAIR takes these troubles off and offers a complete solution.

Blog by Karina from QVC Germany.

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