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I recently tried out some products from 72 Hair* which were kindly sent out for me to review, and wanted to share a quick round up of the must-haves and not-so-greats from the collection.

For reference, I have medium length and medium thickness of hair. It’s nothing really thick unfortunately, but I’m lucky not to have super thin locks either I guess. I tend to suffer from dry ends and a general lack of shine and moisture all over, due to my dying habits. Naturally, it’s wavy and slightly frizzy; so I try to smooth it out with products as best as I can.

My favourite product from the range of 72 Hair products, was the Intense Replenishing Mask. It was practically made for me!

I left it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing off, and it gave my hair a deep moisturise that it so badly needed. It felt smoother, softer, and overall definitely healthier. Once I dried my hair I noticed it was much less frizzy too, so the need for straighteners was drastically reduced!.

I also really liked the Intense Moisture Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner; I noticed both felt really good on my hair, left it clean, smooth and shiny, and kept it well maintained between hair mask applications.

The Repairing Oil was another firm favourite; it felt lighter and ‘thinner’ than a lot of serums I’ve tried in the past, meaning it didn’t leave my hair greasy or even looking like it had product in.

But the intense moisturising properties left my ends shiny and soft, hiding any split ends well! Well worth a try IMO.

Sadly, the product I didn’t get on with at all was the Blow Dry Cream. I tried this multiple times but found it a little too ‘heavy’ for my hair type, and I much preferred my hair without using this. I do think it could work well for others, probably those blessed with thicker hair. But my hair needed nothing more than the Repairing Oil when drying.

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