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Some of our clients yearn for the day when their hair is smooth and glossy.

Whether hair is damagedfine or curly, maintaining straight hair that lasts is no easy feat. On the other hand, OPEN Hairdressing offers a hair smoothing treatment that guarantees to take the fuss out of frizzy hair.

However, 72 Hair is a brand that has crafted a collection of professional hair straightening products. Similar to a Brazilian blow-dry, the products deliver a semi-permanent, sleek finish. With rave reviews, it’s a family run business that has taken salons up and down the country by storm.

However, 72 Hair’s philosophy aligns with our belief. We believe that our fabulous clients deserve to have effortlessly beautiful hair. We want our salons to be the place that they know that their individual personalities are celebrated.

Please be aware that this treatment is available across OPEN salons and prices are agreed upon consultation.

So why do we suggest everyone tries a 72 Hair Treatment?

72 Hair doesn’t discriminate against hair types

This line of products was designed to accommodate all hair types and textures – there really is something for everyone! Actively conditioning and revitalising even coloured hair, these products help us to bring your hair back to a natural and healthy state. Their gel contains the magic ingredient of keratin for salon quality results for frizz-free and colour-locked hair.

This treatment doesn’t take too long to work

They say good things come to those who wait. But depending on your hair type and thickness, appointments involving the 72 Hair keratin treatment mean that it will only take approximately ninety minutes to rejuvenate your hair.

It lasts up to an astonishing twelve weeks!

How many smoothing treatments have you had that last this long? With high-quality ingredients include avocado oil, collagen and hydrolysed silk – no follicle is left un-moisturised. Furthermore, providing clients do not wash their hair within the first 72 hours after treatment, the longevity of the hair is bound to impress for weeks on end. So why not give 72 Hair a go?

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