Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands to Look Out for in 2018

cruelty free brands to look out for in 2018

A new year brings new opportunities, and we can expect to see new and existing cruelty-free brands make waves as Glossier and Fenty Beauty did last year. As we are advocates for more cruelty-free beauty products on shop shelves, we thought it would be fun to predict the movers and shakers of 2018 in this sector. So we decided to dig around, study what brands people are going head-over-heels for, and compile a list of companies that don’t test on animals which people should look out for this year.

Tropic Skincare

This critically acclaimed cruelty-free skin care brand got its headstart in 2011 when founder Susie Ma appeared on the BBC’s The Apprentice. Her passion for natural products impressed Lord Alan Sugar so much that he decided to invest, and Tropic Skincare was born. In the years since their all-natural skincare products have won the hearts of many organic skincare lovers.

The Tropic Skincare line boasts ingredients that are so fresh their products include a ‘best before’ date! In addition, the beliefs and values behind these products strive to protect animals and source ingredients that in no way ’causes distress by using derivatives such as lanolin, beeswax or honey’. Tropic Skincare is 100% cruelty-free, vegan and even PETA certified. We are incredibly impressed by their ethos and absolutely love their #greenbeautyrevolution. Here at 72 Hair, we are 100% behind making the world a greener place.

Jessica Cosmetics

This nailcare brand was created by Jessica Vartoughian, also known as the ‘First Lady of Nails’ or ‘Manicurist to the Stars’. Fun fact: she was the first ever person in the world to open up a nails-only salon! Jessica also paved the way for beautiful natural nails, revolutionising and changing the way we think about nail care. Jessica Cosmetics embodies her expertise and experience in the industry, comparing nail care to facial care – after all, everyone has different needs!

“Beautiful nails are a must to give a woman complete grace and charm. Your hands are an expression of who you are, therefore well-groomed nails give confidence and power. Every woman will find that the healthy, beautiful results are well worth the time spent on an effective nail-grooming regimen.”

Each product has every nail type in mind and recommends unique nail care routines for each nail type. Another plus is that her products are not tested on animals!

Mauli Rituals

Inspired by Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest health practices derived from India, Mauli Rituals is designed to nourish your mind, body and soul with a hand-crafted range of massage/body oils, perfumes, looseleaf teas and more.

“Bathing in exquisite scented water, detoxing delicate skin with purifying clays, nourishing scalp with potent herbs, enveloping from tip to toe with deliciously seductive oils and applying pure fragrant blends to pulse points go beyond being physically nourishing and are acts of devotion that signal respect for the body housing the soul.”

Anita and Bittu Kausha are the experts behind this holistic wellbeing brand, both having worked in the skin care industry. Their lives would change forever after a pilgrimage to India where they would rediscover the power of their motherland’s natural herbs and holistic traditions. Thus Mauli Rituals was born! We love their emphasis on self-care and feeling at zen with yourself.

The company’s products are not tested on animals, free from synthetic ingredients, and packaged up in reusable and recyclable containers. What’s more, with every product purchased, Mauli donates £1 to children’s charities.

LouLouBelle London

This unique natural skincare brand uses aromatherapy oils designed to work almost immediately to restore that natural glow from within. Founder Magda has worked and trained with some of the top skin care brands in the industry like Elemis and Clarins. She handmakes all of the LouLouBelle London products herself, and only in “small batches for freshness, with shelf lives of around 6-18 months”.

Only the best essential oils for the skin are used and the brand prides itself on not using any harmful chemicals and being cruelty-free, testing only on human friends and family! Whatever your skin ailment, LouLouBelle London will very likely have a product that will work for you!

UND GRETEL Cosmetics

Created by Berlin-based makeup artist Christina Roth, the UND GRETEL cosmetic line combines the bright and beautiful colours that we see in high-end makeup brands with natural, ethical ingredients to create “a carefully curated, complete wardrobe for your face”.

Roth had worked with fashion publications and celebrities but often struggled to find bold, high-quality makeup that did not contain harmful ingredients.

“Combined with the purest mineral pigments and vegetable emollients and waxes—and the conscious decision to work entirely without the toxic and controversial ingredients found in most cosmetics… Each product has been created, fine-tuned and perfected using our years of experience in the beauty industry and tested on models, friends, and family—never animals.”

We definitely need to see more makeup brands that are cruelty-free, and we can’t wait to see the release of more shades.

Beauty Kitchen

The Beauty Kitchen is a cruelty-free luxury brand with a cause: to save our environment. As big believers in sustainable beauty, Beauty Kitchen’s products only contain “100% pure essential oils plus naturally derived ingredients that will never cost the earth.” They found that many brands would market their products as ‘natural’ but were never as natural as they claimed and overpriced.

“When we spoke to women who love beauty products they all wanted products to work, smell great, look great and be good value. Few would sacrifice any of these for the environment, so we set out to find some products where they didn’t have to make that compromise.”

We love Beauty Kitchen’s enthusiasm for saving the planet and how fun they make it! We also love the fact that you can adopt a seahorse if you buy their #SaveStan Skin Treasures set as part of their campaign with The Seahorse Trust.

Over to you

Are there any other cruelty-free beauty brands you think we should have mentioned? Let us know over on social media who you think is going to make a huge impact this year – and why! We’d be curious to know who else is out there.

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